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âœI didnât look like a hero like Akshay Kumarâ ⓠSaif Ali Khan on his initial years

Saif Ali Khan is on a redefining journey with his choice of movies and also in the world of fashion. As the suave actor jogged down memory lane recently during an interview to an online portal, he recalled his early days in the industry which were a far from being perfect as he was often at the receiving end of a lot of criticism.


Saif, the son of cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actor Sharmila Tagore opened up about the kind of comments he received regarding his looks as he did not fit into the mould of a quintessential hero. He said, “I didn’t look like a hero. Akshay Kumar did. I looked a little girly, with my long hair. I was quite anglicised…very different from the Indian idea of the Dharmendra kind of macho. Usually, I got comments on looking a bit like a girl… I certainly had a really bad voice which I hadn’t worked on. So, I was there squeaking away in an English accent.”

Saif Ali Khan

Adding further he revealed, “My mother jokes about it. She was at lunch with me recently and she said, ‘People must have thought initially that Tiger and my son will be this really impressive figure.’ (laughs) Genes and all, I don’t know how much it matters.”


Saif made his Bollywood debut with Yash Chopra’s Parampara back in 1993. 

The actor reminisced about his very first audition, which by his own admission, was terrible and divulged details saying, “The line was, ‘Arre, Devdas ke avatar, ab koi doosra role pakad yaar.’ But I, with some English accent, was saying, ‘Arre, Dev saab ke aulaad…’ It was quite funny and really bad.”

Saif Ali Khan