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Abhimanyu Dassani talks about life during self-quarantine

Abhimanyu Dassani has kept up to date with his life indoors since the lockdown started. Home workouts, yummy food cooked by his mother, Bhagyashree and just taking time off the hectic life, Abhimanyu is trying to staying positive and be productive during this time. Catching up with this newcomers, we found out how is his life in the times of COVID 19. Read through…


How have you been keeping yourself occupied during the quarantine period?

I keep myself busy with workouts in the morning. I post my workout videos on social media. In that way people can get motivated to engage in physical activity. Because there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, you stop looking after yourself. You end up eating unnecessarily when you’re bored. This is a time when you can work on qualities like patience and discipline. It’s tough but growth always comes in tougher times. Only when you’re uncomfortable, you evolve. It’s a great challenge. Instead of rushing back to our lives, we should first evaluate what do we want to rush back to.

Abhimanyu Dassani

How are you keeping away from negative thoughts after reading all the depressing news about the pandemic?

I straightaway delete most of the videos and messages I get about the virus unless it’s from an extremely credible source.  Also, we are not monks. So, we will be having negative thoughts no matter how much we try. It’s okay to feel bored, it’s okay to feel frustrated, it’s okay to feel caged in. But you can introspect what you can do with that anger. Harness that frustration into something positive. I believe meditation is great. I haven’t been able to tap into that though. Even if you do it for five minutes in the morning and evening, it’s a great way to calm yourself down. Reading is good too.

What fitness regime can one follow at home without gym equipment?

There are numerous ways of working out, which do not require gym equipment. In fact, the stories I post on Instagram are all without any equipment. The only thing you require is some space and the discipline to wear your workout clothes. You can do the basic things like suryanamaskar, crunching and stretching. If you want to take it a level higher, just fill two bottles with water and use them as weights. You can change the routine, allotting a day each to the upper body and the lower body and one to cardio exercises.

That sounds simple and doable…

People message me saying that my workout posts give them a sense of direction.  It’s tough to motivate yourself to do this especially in times when there’s nothing to do or nowhere to go. I got a message from a lady, saying that her husband had been promising her since a year that he’d work-out with her. But he only started doing it since the last two weeks following my stories. He’s seen great results already. It feels good that I can help someone during this chaos. Chaos or calm, depends on how you perceive it.

Abhimanyu Dassani

What should one eat to be healthy and fit?

Eat simple, basic things like green vegetables. Avoid sugar, fried stuff and soda as these things make you lethargic. Drink lots of water through the day. It’s the most amazing thing, at least three-four litres of water each day. It replenishes your skin; makes you glow. It also keeps you healthy and fit during a time like this. Especially lemon water, which gives you high immunity.

Some more dos and don’ts…

Sleep patterns can change since you don’t have to wake up in the morning for work. Try to remain disciplined. Join online classes. Help out in house errands. Hep your siblings, parents, grandparents… Clean your room. De-clutter your cupboard. Doing basic jobs keeps you in touch with your roots. Small things like making your bed after you wake up can make you feel you’ve accomplished something. You’re then in a better mood and then can accomplish something else. It’s a chain reaction. It gives you happiness. Leave the outside work for the authorities and the organizations that are equipped for that. We need to stay at home and do our bit for ourselves and those at home.

A last bit of advice…

Stay happy. There’s going to be turmoil including the economic effects. I hope when the lock-down ends, people don’t go berserk and start parading on the streets and mess up the system. It should be an organsied way back to society. The pollution looks so much under control. The garden outside my house is looking so much better now. We should keep these things in mind when we go back to the world we left.