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Aditi Rao Hydari talks about her lockdown life and how she wants normalcy to return soon

The pandemic and the subequent lockdown has changed all our lives. It has also changed our perspective towards life. Now that things are slowly limpimg back to normal, Aditi Rao Hydari speaks to a leading daily about life post the lockdown. 


Aditi Rao Hydari points out that the ‘new normal’ on a film set, which involves social distancing, can be a hindrance for shooting love stories. She says, “I’m not an expert on all this, but from whatever understanding I have, it’s difficult to shoot with the restrictions that have been given to us. Like if you’re shooting a love story, how are two actors not going to be in close proximity to each other?” She further says that while the unit could be clad in PPEs and face masks, that option wasn’t available to stars. She states, “We certainly can’t be wearing masks or PPE kits and shooting. The unit can, but we can’t as actors. So of course, as actors, we are vulnerable. But people are talking about the new normal. So yes for a while, we have to be careful, we have to wear a mask. But I’m hoping that we will have a cure, a vaccine, people will then stop being afraid. People will come back to the theatres, we’ll be able to shoot. People will have their livelihoods back.” 

Aditi Rao Hydari

A lot of daily wage workers, artists and tachinicans are facing problems due to the lockdown. The number limit on a set has only made matters worse. This will leave many unemployed, Aditi understand the problem and says, “We are privileged but there are artisans, craftsmen, daily wage workers, whose livelihood needs to get back on track. I hope all that changes. This new normal is not acceptable to me, the only thing that is acceptable to me is the change that has happened in people. I think people are being more sensitive and being kind, more generous. I think that is a great change. But for the practical aspect of it, I hope that we can go back to freedom, trusting each other and not being afraid.”

Aditi Rao Hydari

Speaking about her lockdown time, the talented actress says she’s spending time with her family and has taken up old hobbies, “I am doing stuff that I did while growing up – dancing, colouring, I restarted Yoga and also painted old furniture.  Am also trying to keep in touch with what is happening, and trying to help wherever I can and helping the correct NGOs. I am also spending time with family, which I haven’t done in a really long time.