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Akshay Kumar talks about resuming work during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic brought the entire world to a complete halt. The entertainment sector, in particular, took a massive hit since the release of several films and production work had to be put on an indefinite hold. Now, people are trying to get accustomed to our the ‘new normal’ and planning their life ahead.

Akshay Kumar pandemic work

Akshay Kumar will soon begin shooting for his upcoming spy thriller Bell Bottom in London. During an interview with a leading daily, the actor was asked if he was scared to resume work in the given conditions. The actor said, “Of course, I was, but for how long can you live in fear? Initially, when the pandemic started, very little was known about the virus – the way it affects a person. So, there was a lot of fear. Now, with time, we know more and also that it’s possible to beat it if we’ve a good immune system. Hence, I decided to get back to work taking all the precautions, not just for me but the entire unit. I can’t comment about other people. All I can say is that I, for one, was itching to get back to work as soon as it was permitted, and possible. I don’t think I’ve stayed away from the camera for so long and now, there’s a newfound excitement to be back on set.”

Now that’s some dedication to your profession.

Akshay Kumar pandemic work