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Anil Kapoor sweats it out after his anniversary binge

There’s something about Anil Kapoor. The man looks younger with every passing day. And his energy levels can give the younger actors a run for their money. Working out, staying healthy and keeping a check on his calories, Anil Kapoor does it all to stay in shape.

Anil Kapoor

Last week, the actor clocked 36 years of togetherness with his wife Sunita Kapoor. The couple celebrated their anniversary and even shared some lovely pictures on Instagram. The actor even revealed that the couple celebrates the day he proposed to Sunita too, and that date happens to be two days before their wedding date. Celebrating this twin occasion, Anil indulged in some delicious treats.  But then he hit the gym like any fitness freak would. 

Anil Kapoor

Yesterday, Anil Kapoor shared a video on Twitter exercising vigorously. He captioned the video,  “I enjoyed committing the crime – eating all the anniversary cakes…now I must do the time and burn off those calories!” Wouldn’t expect anything less from him.