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Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira support women ragpickers in Delhi amid corona

 Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap have always been socially aware and compassionate towards the less privileged. The couple, for years, has supported a non-profit organisation in Delhi, Gulmeher – a women’s collective of waste-pickers turned artisans. Such lower income groups have been hit hard economically with the all India lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. Ayushmann and Tahira have come forward to support them financially.

Ayushmann, who has already donated to PM-CARES Fund, says, “Coronavirus has impacted people from every strata of life. But it has hit the lower income groups the hardest. It is our duty as citizens of this nation to come forward and support the people in dire need. Tahira and I have been associated with Gulmeher, a non-profit organization, for years and we are doing every bit possible to support these women, who are absolutely distraught now.” Gulmeher works with about 200 women ragpickers and this contribution will help them look after themselves and their families.

Ayushmann Khurrana Tahira

“My interactions with them taught me a lot about India, taught me a lot about the existing caste divides and they are real-life inspiring figures. My interactions with them was my inspiration behind signing Article 15. Crisis like these impacts people like them the most and we need to protect them. In this critical moment, Tahira and I are doing our best to ensure they have all the basic requirements to sustain and stay safe by being at home. Along with donating for PM-CARES, we are also doing our small bit to take care of these incredible women of Gulmeher,” says Ayushmann.

Tahira says that how Indians support each other in this moment of crisis will define us as a nation. She said, “While us Indians are impacted with COVID-19, for some people the impact will be much more destabilising, especially economically. We have to protect the lower-income, the daily wage-earning community like our brothers and sisters in this time of crisis.”

She further added, “How we support our fellow citizens of the country at this hour will define us as human beings. Ayushmann and I are doing our bit to support these wonderful women, who are braving the coronavirus impact. We are doing whatever it takes for them to support their families and stay at home with them. Due to their financial instability they are at serious risk because even a single day without earning throws their life out of gear. Ayushmann and I are ensuring we stand with them and support them at this time.”

Truly inspiring work Ayushmann and Tahira!

Ayushmann Khurrana Tahira