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B Praak re-creates Dholna with Gurnazar and it is sure melt your hearts

Times Music has joined hands with Speed Records for a show named Crossblade Live. The show follows a unique format where some of the most popular punjabi artists recreate their biggest hits in a live setting. Names like Millind Gaba, B Praak, Gurnazar, Jassie Gill, Akhil, Prabh Gill and Ali Brothers have been part of the series so far.

B praak Dholna

B Praak is a named that is loved across the country as in his illustrious career, the artist has delivered some chart topping tracks. The singer was back in action in episode 2 of Crossblade Live, as along with Gurnazar Chattha, he recreated his song Dholna from film Qismat. B Praak also spoke about how close the song was to his heart. He said, “Dholna is very close to my heart. When I was asked to re-create it with a live band and with Gurnazar, I already had a few new things in mind. I am so happy with how soulful and beautiful it has turned out. I hope the audience feels what I felt while revisiting this song.”

Well, if you enjoyed that then we’re ideas from this series will drop every week with new artists and new songs. It’s a celebration of great Punjabi music that must be heard and listened to. Crossblade Episode 2 is a Times Music and Speed Records exclusive release and is available to watch/listen on Speed Records YouTube channel.

Watch now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLkdm2pe8hA

B praak Dholna