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Bollywood actresses show how to sport different hairdos this summer

B-town and its glamorous divas are looked up to by many fans who love to take inspiration from them for everything. And thus it is no news that everything these head turners do becomes a trend instantly. Stylish attires, headstrong statements, well-toned figures and acting prowess, these stunners don’t fall short in any sector of their professional lives and that’s why influence so many people in the process.

Bollywood actresses are clicked almost everywhere they go and it has become almost essential for them to look their best at all times. In such situations, they often give their fans style inspiration and there is no denying that. So we thought with summer making us all restless, we bring some respite by digging in some stylish hairdos that our favourite actresses have sported that are apt to beat the heat. These ultra cool style tips will definitely make you look great as well as not make you worry about your hair this summer. Check them out below.


Style Tip: Hair swept to one side with the other side pinned properly is an easy way to style your hair this summer.


Style Tip: For all the young girls out there who love being chic and cute, this look is perfect. Two neatly placed braids one on each side is a good pick.


Style Tip: Buns in all positions look great. This high bun right at the top is for people who don’t want to be bothered by flying hair in the heat.