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Emraan Hashmi hopes he never has to spend his birthday in quarantine again

With their busy schedule it is very difficult for the actors to spare and spend time with their family. Emraan Hashmi who was recently seen in Bard of Blood turned 41 and celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 with his loved ones.

Emraan got candid about how he celebrated his birthday this year. He said, “It’s a strange time we are living in right now. This is a birthday I will never forget, and I hope it’s the only one I am spending under quarantine.”

Even though Emraan hopes it’s the only birthday he is spending under quarantine, he also understands the need of the  lockdown and says that it has become a necessity to stay at home and break the chain of coronavirus. He said, “None of us were prepared for this, but I think it’s the new normal, which we are all getting used to. Yes, it’s frustrating being locked up, but it’s for the greater good”.

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan spent his 41st birthday with his wife and son in the most beautiful way possible. His wife, Parveen baked a cake while his son helped her since ordering from outside is out of the question at this point. Emraan also said that he spent this special day by reading and watching a film. His son also made a card for his dear dad. The actor went on to say, “We spoke to a few friends, video calling some others who live in the UK and the US to check up on them.”.

Being positive during the lockdown, Emraan said, “The pandemic is sad, however being locked up in our homes, we have rediscovered family times. Our busy schedule don’t allow it under normal circumstances, so its nice to be home for a change.” Emraan will next be seen in Rumi Jaffrey’s Chehre and Sanjay Gupta’s Mumbai Saga.

Emraan Hashmi