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Exclusive: Rakul Preet Singh talks about her routine during the lockdown

The world has come to a stand still. Social distancing is a mandate everyone is following and with the 21 day lockdown imposed by the government, everyone is indulging into things they had been putting on hold for a while. From working out at home to learning how to cook, everyone has found a hobby for the quarantine period. 

Talking about her time away from work, the lovely Rakul Preet Singh chatted with Filmfare on what’s her routine these days. She is taking this time to work on her mental health while she invests her time in some fun hobbies, too. 

Speaking about her days at home, during the lockdown, Rakul shared, “I just realised this is the longest break I’ve got in my life so far, the longest phase of doing nothing. But I’m actually pretty good with it and I think people should see the bright side of it.”

Adding further, Rakul says, “I don’t know where my day is going. Honestly, there’s so much to do and I always thought I will do it whenever I have the time. From reading, to watching so much content that’s out there. So I’ve been enjoying doing that. Nothing really has changed in my routine. 

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul shares explaining her routine in details, “I workout in the mornings, then I do yoga. I’ve added a bit of stretch yoga and meditation also to my routine now that I have the time. Then I read my scripts and books. And then of course, there’s so much content to be watched.I have my younger brother with me. We play games together. That’s how my entire day goes.”

While she’s at it, she’s discovering newer facets to her and some interesting skills as well. “I’ve tried my hand at cooking. I make a stack of French toast with peanut butter, dark chocolate and whipped cream one day. The day before, I made gluten-free pancakes. So I’m doing things that I always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for.” That’s impressive!

She strongly believes in seeing the brighter side to this whole situation that the world is in today. As we’re having it easier than our ancestors. Says Rakul, “I think we all need to see the positive side to this situation. Our parents and grandparents have seen the worst times. Our parents had seen the riots and our grandparents had seen the world war and partition. And they’ve had to run for their lives. While we’re being asked to save our lives just by staying at home amidst all luxuries that we have – a shelter, home, food, internet that’s still connecting people. It doesn’t really feel like your not meeting your closed ones. I think just staying at home is the least we can do to fight the virus and we need to look at it with positivity.”

Rakul Preet Singh

She highlights the fact that this lockdown is proving to be beneficial for nature and there’s a string message we all need to take from it. “I‘m just loving the sound of the birds I’m hearing now. The videos of dolphins being spotted near Marine Drive and deers on the Tirumala Road in Tirupathi. 

I think it’s a sign that all these animals are screaming out to us and saying, ‘Guys, we need to co-exist. It’s not that human race is superior. But it’s for us to live happily together, globally.”

And she says that this is a perfect time to strengthen your bonds with your loved ones. She asserts, “I really hope that people take this as a message after the lockdown is over. And stay positive guys. We have always been cribbing about the fact that we don’t have time. But now that we have it, please make the most of it with your family, your spouse. Learn what they like, make memories with each other.”

Hoping for the best in future, Rakul concludes by saying, “I really hope we don’t ever get a lockdown like this ever again. We’ll never get this time back again and I hope we don’t get it this way. Lets take up resolutions that we’ve never completed. Take those up now as time isn’t a constraint. And become a better version of yourselves by the end of it.”

Very well said, Rakul! Every word is worth taking note of…

Rakul Preet Singh