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Filmfare Exclusive: Relationships social media life… cover star Kartik Aaryan bares it all

Your first thought in the morning…

Where is my phone?


Define love…

It’s a beautiful feeling. It pauses everything else. All you can see is the love of your life.


Girls find you sexy because…

I’m loyal and can be quirky.


What kind of girl attracts you?

Someone with a good sense of humour and with whom I can have a conversation. Also, someone who likes movies.


Love at first sight…

I don’t believe in it. I believe in attraction at first sight.


Your first kiss was…



Kartik Aaryan

If you find your girl is cheating on you…

Love ends right there. There’s no point in being together.


The smartest reason to break-up…

I won’t look for a reason. If the relationship isn’t working, I’d tell her, let’s just end it.


How do you handle a break-up?

If you’re happy with the break-up then you don’t need to tackle it. But if you’re sad, then music and work help.


What if your best friend told you that your girlfriend is a bad influence?

She might be a bad influence from his/her perspective. But if I’m in love with her, then I won’t change my idea about my companion.


One mistake you would never repeat in a relationship…

Not to trust a person in the initial stages.


Does the past matter in a relationship?

If the past isn’t coming in between your present and your future then it doesn’t matter at all.


Twitter, FB, Instagram… your obsession is…



How much time do you take to write Instagram captions?

I take hours to write captions. Then I regret writing it for another half an hour.


Which celeb have you recently started following on Insta?

Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Lawrence.


How many times do you google yourself in a day?

Three-four times.


A recent app that you downloaded…



You love to watch…

Black Mirror on Netflix.


Worst pick-up line someone has used on you…

‘You’re so hot, just marry me’.


You’re allergic to…

People having no sense of humour.


Which look do you prefer – clean-shaven or bearded?

I love both. It depends on my mood. But I’d prefer rugged.


An idea that changed your life…

Always have hope and faith. Be ready for criticism.


Had you not been an actor, you would have become…

A director.

Kartik Aaryan