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Hereâs how much Salman Khan earns from each film

Salman Khan without a doubt is one of biggest stars from the current generation of the actors. His popularity amongst fans is something that no Bollywood star can match and the same is evident during Bhaijaan’s every film release.

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Now when a star grantees you a massive turnout, they have every right to demand a massive fee for the same and so is the case with Salman Khan. The actor is one of the highest paid stars in the industry right now. Salman charges a minimum of Rs. 50 crore for each film. Apart from the fee, the actor also has a share in the profits of the film since in most of his projects, he also comes on board as a producer. Apart from the box – office, money earned through satellite rights and the remake rights too are part of Salman Khan’s earnings from each project.

Pretty impressive isn’t it?

Salman Khan film