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Hereâs why the song Pink Gulaabi Sky was edited out of The Sky is Pink

The Sky is Pink is only a couple of days away from its worldwide release. Starring Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim and Rohit Saraf, the film is based on the life of young motivational speaker and author, Aisha Chaudhary. It is directed by Shonali Bose and produced by Roy Kapur films.

With the promotional leg of the film over, Priyanka headed back to New York but not before they had released a song from the film. A peppy number from the film with the cast dancing in tuxedos on a set, Pink Gulaabi Sky is already on loop in our playlists. But the song has a very interesting story about it. Initially meant to feature in the main story line of the film, Pink Gulaabi Sky was later chopped off from the runtime and made a promotional song.

The Sky is Pink

Talking about this edit, Shonali Bose said, “After the song was shot, the team felt that it wasn’t doing justice to the flow of the story. Therefore, they edited it out.” Shonali is known for keeping her story lines realistic and without any masala music added that she was happy to see that the producers were on the same page as her when editing the film. She added, “When we shot the song, I thought that it was a fun number and looked lovely. Later, I was surprised to see that the makers are in sync with my view. Considering the fact that the team had spent a lot of money to shoot the song, it requires guts to take a decision like this.”

The Sky is Pink