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Hit-Girl is Silent but Deadly in HIT-GIRL SEASON 2 #1



When Hit-Girl finds out Hollywood is set to produce a film based on her life, it doesn’t sit very well with the pint-sized purple assassin. What ensues next is a radical adventure that sets her on a course to the city of Angels, Los Angeles, California. Written by comic/filmmaker Kevin Smith with amazing art by Pernille Orum HIT-GIRL SEASON 2 #1 begins a new arc and a new journey for Minday McCready.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in this case, so is a twenty-four-page comic book. From Comic Writer/Filmmaker Kevin Smith (GREEN ARROW, BATMAN CACOPHONY), Danish animator/illustrator Pernille Ørum (DC SUPER HERO GIRLS) and colorist Sunny Gho (DAREDEVIL #1) comes HIT-GIRL SEASON 2 #1. Hit-Girl finds out that Hollywood is making a movie based on her violent exploits, and she’s not happy about it. What’s in store for the city of Angels when the pint-sized purple assassin decides to make her way to Tinsel Town?

Heads are going to roll as we wait to see if she’s out for blood or royalty checks. Maybe we’ll even get a cameo from Jay and Silent Bob along the way. If you haven’t read it already, HIT-GIRL SEASON 2 #1 needs to be added to your pull list.


HIT-GIRL SEASON 2 #1 continues the violent antics of Mindy McCready. While taking down two high school shooters, Mindy stumbles upon a book that talks about her time at Rikers Island and how she took down the Genovese crime family. Mindy then learns that it’s being turned into a major motion picture in Hollywood. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Mindy and she decides to take a trip to California to confront the studio shmucks head on.

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Image courtesy of Image Comics

This is another great addition to the HIT-GIRL legacy. The new arc starts out with Mindy doing what she does best: kicking ass. Smith does an absolutely fantastic job of letting Ørum’s art tell the story. Armed with Gho’s amazing color work this issue gets you excited and pumped to read the next issue immediately.

As a huge comic fan himself it’s no surprise that Smith makes his return to the comic medium. What’s intriguing about this book is his distinct approach to writing this particular issue. Just like his iconic character Silent Bob from his films, CLERKS, MALLRATS, and DOGMA, you will find very little dialogue within this issue. Instead, what it does exceptionally well is take you on a well-paced action ride that proves Smith is indeed a great storyteller.

Silent Bob’s Agenda

Smith manages to accomplish a lot in this issue. First and foremost, he does a great job of setting up the plot. Second, he subtly covers current events like active shootings which helps give the issue a deeper meaning and connects the audience with current events. And third, even with using minimal dialogue he still manages to implant his dick and fart humor within the story. Although this issue is a quick read, it remains interesting and keeps the reader engaged the whole time, never leaving you feeling bored. He also manages to touch upon other current social issues like the #MeToo movement.

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Image courtesy of Image Comics

Pernille Ørum & Sunny Gho

Ørum’s artwork here is just truly breathtaking. Although she’s mostly known for animation, her organic pencil work here is incredible. Ørum’s cartoonish art style of linework allows for the violence that ensues to be less dark and tragic. This makes each panel a bit bolder and more impactful. She also does a good job with her extensive detail to facial expressions and backgrounds.

Image courtesy of Image Comics

Complimenting Ørum’s work gracefully is colorist Sunny Gho’s exquisite palette of vibrant colors. Gho’s color choices blend naturally, helping to create a very radiant summer school day. Also, Gho’s colors help give Ørum’s pencil work a bit of an animated glow. Gho covers a lot of detail in this issue, which adds to his brilliant color scheme of library books, computer monitors, and beheadings, just to give you a few great examples.

Next Stop, Hollywood

HIT-GIRL SEASON 2 #1 is a creatively entertaining way to start off the latest arc for the character. Smith, Ørum, and Gho are an artistic match made in heaven. It’ll be cool to see what they have in store for Hit-Girl in the coming issues. One thing for sure, no one in Hollywood is safe. If you haven’t already, grab your copy today on digital or from your local comic shop.