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Hrithik Roshan gets creative during quarantine

People have been locked up in their homes for months now. Naturally, everyone is looking forward to things returning to normal. But while the wait continues, people are using the time to be more productive and learn new skills. Hrithik Roshan, for one, is doing just that and is also motivating his children to do the same.

Hrithik Roshan quarantine

Hrithik comes from a musical family. His late paternal grandfather Roshan was a successful music director during the ’40s–’60s. Now his uncle Rajesh Roshan is doing well as a music director in Bollywood. During an interview with a leading daily, the music composer revealed how Hrithik has always been passionate about the art and using his free time to brush up on his skills. He said, “Can you believe that I’ve been a music director for 50 years and i don’t have a piano at home? I play my tunes on the synthesiser. The piano is a difficult instrument to master and requires regular tuning. But Duggu (Hrithik’s nickname) has always been passionate in everything he does. He crooned Kailash Kher’s “Allah Ke Bande” on a video call. I was impressed, as it’s tough to sing and play the piano in perfect sync. His kids accompanied him on the guitar. I didn’t even know that they had been taking lessons online. I was told that all three adhere to a strict daily routine. They are very disciplined and yet know how to enjoy life.”

Now that is lockdown truly done right.

Hrithik Roshan quarantine