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Improve your flexibility by learning Chakrasana from Malaika Arora

With all of us under a nationwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it’s extremely important to improve the functioning of our immune systems. With the monsoon season here, a variety of infections and diseases can occur. Hence, it is important to practice yoga as it can easily be done at home. Doing a couple of asanas and meditation goes a long way to boost immunity.

Malaika Arora Chakrasana

Helping us prevent weight gain and maintain fitness in such times is Bollywood stunner Malaika Arora who took to social media to teach us the famous Chakrasana pose. Malaika shared the same saying, “I hope you are enjoying the sun after some gloomy days! When the sun shines, it’s also time to shine from within and that means its time for #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek

This week’s post is Chakrasana, this pose works wonders in improving your flexibility and strengthening your spine.

-Lie flat on your back on the ground.
-Fold your legs at your knees
-Place your palms next to your ears with fingers pointed forward
-Inhale and gradually lift your body to form an arch
-Allow your head to gently fall and relax your neck.
-Ensure your body weight remains evenly distributed”

Interesting much!

We can’t wait to try this new asana and keep our immunity levels high while staying in great shape.

Malaika Arora Chakrasana