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Jassie Gillâs fitness secrets revealed

Despite working round the clock and entertaining his fans, Jassie Gill makes sure that he has time for his fitness regime. In one of our recent interviews, we asked Jassie Gill about his fitness mantra.

Jassie Gill fitness

The actor replied that he’s someone who keeps his fitness routine simple and yet so effective. He says he balances a perfect workout that gets him sweating with a special home-cooked diet as working out and eating healthy are both equally important. Talking about his routine, Jassie said “There is no fitness secret as such. I eat well-cooked home food and try to do some form of exercise and workout each day. So yes, that’s about it. I eat home-cooked food and try to sweat out every day.”

Jassie Gill fitness

Home-cooked food and a clean diet are really important for a healthy living. No wonder the Punjabi superstar is fit as a fiddle and has always been inspiring others to go for a healthier life.