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Kajol shares her laughing pictures on social media

During her time at home amidst the nationwide lockdown, actress Kajol has been sharing some truly priceless pictures from the past on her social media account. Not just that, recently, the actress even interacted with her fans and asked them for some ideas to chill at home. The latest activity Kajol has engaged in has triggered many smiles.

Kajol social media

On her social media platform, Kajol shared a collage of pictures in which she displays different types of smiles. Two rather candid pictures, showcase her signature laughter. Later, she’s seen with a subtle smile. Sharing the picture, Kajol wrote, “My photo sessions usually start out one way and end up another. One out of three isn’t bad though…”


No doubt that Kajol has the most infectious laughter. We’d surely love to see more of that!

Kajol social media