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Kangana Ranaut on how Rangoli Chandel fought post an acid attack

Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel faced a horrific incident a couple years ago. She’s a survivor of an acid attack. But thanks to her courage and Kangana’s love and support, Rangoli has not just survived the unfortunate incident but also is independent and living a happy married life.

Kangana Ranaut

When a leading daily questioned Kangana about how she dealt with the situation, she said, “It was horrific! You hurt if your loved one gets even a scratch or a pimple, so, you can imagine the kind of pain one would feel to see their face melt. Outward appearance is far more important to a woman than a man, and taking that away from her is a fool-proof way of isolating her from the world. I was just 19, on the threshold of a bright career, when the attack happened and it was a long, hard struggle to deal with this kind of perverse, sexist cruelty.”

It wasn’t just an emotionally painful time but also one that required Kangana to be strong and support Rangoli in every possible way. And she did support her sister, doing everything she could at that tender age of 19. Kangana recalled, “Financially too, I was not strong back then. Girls around me would feel depressed by a bad hair day or because a meal was not to their liking. I was grappling with something far more real and yet had no time to sit and cry. I did tacky films, took on roles I did not deserve, accepted guest appearances, so my sister could be treated by the best surgeon in India. It took 54 surgeries.” Kudos to you girl!

Kangana Ranaut