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Kanika Kapoorâs friend Ojas S Desai tests negative for COVID-19

Singer Kanika Kapoor’s irresponsible behavior has put as many as 163 people’s lives in threat after she attended a party in Lucknow, despite her travel to UK only a week prior. The singer hid her travel history as per reports, was a part of social gatherings and was later announced positive for COVID-19. 

However, the people who came in contact with her before her being quarantined are being tested for Coronavirus. Today her friend, Ojas S Desai has said that he’s been tested negative for the test on Coronavirus. According to reports, Desai was allegedly in hiding and fled from Lucknow from March 16, 2020. However he has now released a statement saying that he has got himself checked at the Kasturba Hospital For Infectious Disease in Mumbai, and has tested negative for COVID-19. But since he was in contact with Kanika, Desai is now quarantined in his house in Juhu until April 4. 

Kanika Kapoor

Yesterday there were reports that out of 163 people she has met, 62 were tested negative for COVID 19. Now we really hope that people who were a part of that social-gathering are safe too. Meanwhile Kanika Kapoor is quarantined and treated in a hospital in Lucknow and there are several cases filed against her irresponsible behaviour in such critical times.

Kanika Kapoor