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Kartik Aaryan shares why he loves home food

We’ve all been forced to eat home food during the quarantine. But, not everyone is upset at the thought of only eating home food. Kartik Aaryan is someone who loves his home food and the credit for that goes to his mother, Mala Tiwari.

Kartik Aaryan food

During an interview with Filmfare, Kartik Aaryan spoke about his love for his mother’s food. He said, “My mom cooks the best food in the world. I have a huge sweet tooth which I have to curb. I love the gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa prepared by her.” Not only that, the actor is also fond of his mother’s Sindhi curry and jeera rice, chhole bathure, paav bhaji – the regulars during dinner while he was growing up.

Well, looks like Kartik Aaryan is surely enjoying his days in quarantine.

Kartik Aaryan food