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Katy Perry to watch Kick and enjoy some Pani Puri with Jacqueline Fernandez in Mumbai

One thing that has got the entire Mumbai super excited and in the mood to party right now is pop sensation Katy Perry’s India visit. Katy is having her first-ever concert in Mumbai which is scheduled to happen on November 16. On her arrival, at an event recently, the 35-year-old singer shared how she’s excited about exploring India’s culture. Willing to soak in the flavour of Bollywood, she says she’s ‘excited about indulging in everything Indian’. During her stay, the Roar singer will be accompanied by Jacqueline Fernandez who will reportedly play the host at the upcoming music festival.

Excited Jacqueline even shared a picture with the superstar on her social media handle. Jackie we hear has planned a movie night for Perry where she’ll watch Kick. Commenting on that, Jacqueline told Mirror, “She is very interested in Bollywood and in watching a couple of movies. When she asked me to recommend one, I suggested Kick. It’s really sweet that she wants to understand the culture and immerse herself into some Bollywood films,”

Jacqueline Fernandez

Not just this, the Drive actress even wants Katy to try some homemade pani puri. She further added, “I would love for her to try some homemade pani puri. Since she has a performance on November 16, I don’t want to feed her anything that can upset her stomach. I’m going to be very cautious if I take her out to eat anywhere,”

Katy also spoke about her plans saying, “I’m sure Jacqueline is going to take me shopping, eating. I’ve always looked at Mumbai as a destination I really want to be at… And I’m excited to indulge in all things Indian.”

We are quite excited about Perry’s Mumbai performance, what about you?

Jacqueline Fernandez