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Nafisa Ali gets help from Goa government after she voices her concerns

The outbreak of the pandemic has pit our country into  lockdown mode until April 14. Several citizens are facing a  shortage of basic supplies and medicines in several sectors. While people in metropolitan cities have several options for their basic needs be met, many across our country are unable to get their hands on basic essentials. 

Nafisa Ali goa

Even the state of Goa, which is known for its peaceful life, is facing a similar problem. Actress Nafisa Ali has been staying in Morjim, Goa with her daughter since the past few weeks. She took to Twitter to explain her plight. The actress is a cancer survivor and she tweeted saying that there has been no supply of fruits in her vicinity. Medicines too, she wrote, were unavailable. Being a cancer survivor she has to take care of her health and nutrition. After she tweeted, the Chief Minister’s Office sent its officials to get in touch with her. The CMO tweeted, “Local incident Commandar has established contact with her and necessary help has been extended.”

Nafisa Ali goa

Once her concerns were addressed, Nafisa Ali took to Twitter and shared a click with an official saying, “I am grateful to the Goa administration that came to check on me & discuss how to resolve issues regarding the fresh food chain to help the locals in Morjim. They will also try finding my medicine in Panjim. Requested that police be guided to not hit people out to buy food.”

Thanks to the government officials her needs were catered to. A much-appreciated gesture.