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Ranveer Singh has an apt reply for his trolls

Ranveer Singh is one actor who loves interacting with his fans on social media. He’s super active on various platforms, he comments on his contemporaries’ post and even leaves some lovely comments on his wife, Deepika Padukone’s pictures where she’s seen wearing some gorgeous outfits. Netizens love him for this. But with fans come trolls too. But don’t think that Ranveer Singh is going to keep quiet. He has a befitting reply for them.

Ranveer Singh

Recently, Ranveer Singh took to his Instagram account to do live chat with his fans. He was however quite surprised when several trolls began to leave rude comments for him, calling him a joker and even mocking him for not speaking Hindi. The Bajirao Mastani actor is someone who won’t just shut up and take people’s negativity. He soon gave it back to them and said, “Tum logo ko kuch kaam dhanda nahi hain? Tum log kuch aur jaake karo na mere life me kyu aaye ho?”

Ranveer Singh

Getting an instant reply from the actor on their distasteful comments shut the negativity right away. More power to Ranveer for taking a stand and calling out the people who sit behind screen to just pull people down.