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Ranveer Singh talks about his lockdown with wife Deepika Padukone

The coronavirus pandemic ha been affecting everyone adversely. Ranveer Singh is no different. The actor is devastated by the human suffering all around him
. In an interview, he said, “I’ve been engaging this period of lockdown in very different ways. In the first 2 weeks, it felt like something, then in the first month, then month and a half and now it’s been 2 months. So, I’ve been going through various phases. Every time you wake up in the morning and read the news, read what is happening and it’s a very grim scenario. It’s disturbing, it’s actually devastating to witness what is happening in this unprecedented pandemic to all our brothers and sisters not just in our country but across the world.”  Ranveer was in no mood to engage with people on social media because of the pandemic. He says, “You know what the world is facing… it really weighs down on you. So, I was going through my own process of wrapping my head around it,  in a way that it has an effect on you emotionally, mentally. I don’t think I was prepared to engage with anyone or anything in public.”

Ranveer Singh lockdown

Since the lockdown the actor has been staying positive. He hopes the silver lining will appear soon for everyone. Says he, “I’m staying home and making sure that I’m using this time in as positive a way as possible. Trying to be positive, trying to be optimistic, trying to find the silver lining, trying to see the brighter side of things… I also used this time to kind of hibernate and experience the joy of doing nothing. There is a charm to that as well.” 

Ranveer Singh lockdown

Ranveer was one of the busiest star of b-town before the lockdown. He had no time to pause and relax given his hectic schedule. But now the actor is using the lockdown to rejuvenate. He says, “I must say before this, life was moving at a very frenetic pace. I felt I was a hamster on a wheel especially after Padmaavat, Simmba, Gully Boy. My work load in the past year, year and half increased to a level where I was teetering to a level of a burn out. I have lived this period being under the radar, off the grid as they say.” He further adds, “In a way this lockdown period has been well timed for me. I get this time to introspect, to focus on myself. As actors you say you are the player and you are the instrument – this body that we have, this mortal vessel that we have – we are the players and this is our instrument. So, to be able to focus on myself, to be able to get time with my wife has been really good. After we got married, it was crazy busy for both of us. So it’s given us time to re-discover each other in a different way, bond with each other.”