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Saif Ali Khan has got son Taimurâs back quite literally

With so much happening in the world that pulls your morale down, few moments on social media have been the saving grace and have helped put a smile across our faces. While Karan Johar’s kids, Yash and Roohi, manage to leave us in splits with their innocent antics, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son, Taimur Ali Khan, just proves to be a bundle of joy for everyone on Instagram.

Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena joined Instagram only a couple of months ago. She made her feed worth stalking at least once a day. Ever since the lockdown has been implemented, Taimur has been away from the paparazzi. We’ve missed getting photos and videos of him running around the city. Today the actress shared a sweet post of her son. Taimur is seen resting on daddy Saif Ali Khan’s back. Well the reason for Taimur’s pose is also mentioned by the actress in her caption, ‘Saif said, “I always got your back”… Tim took it literally #FavouriteBoys #QuarantineMornings.’ 

Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan lead busy lives, but this break has given them the luxury to spend time with their munchkin and do the good deed of sharing these clicks with the world too. Saif said in an interview, that while he led a hectic life during Sara and Ibrahim’s growing up years, he’s making sure to fulfill daddy-duties where Taimur is concerned.