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Shabana Azmi Hema Malini upset over new rule prohibiting actors above 65 to shoot

We all knew that if the shooting had to begin soon, there would be the ‘new normal’ rules that would be implemented. While cutting on crew size is one of the amendments, the other amendment that has been passed for the new shooting rules is that no person above the age of 65 years can be allowed on the set. Now that really puts a lot of our senior actors in question, as they still continue to do work and even lead roles in films. 

Artists like Shabana Azmi, Amitabh Bachchan play lead roles even today and films revolve around their characters. Such amendment surely makes our senior actors raise questions. Last week, Hema Malini even wrote a letter to Mr Ajay Kumar Bhalla (Home Secretary), requesting an amendment in the resolution. Citing examples of Bachchan, Anupam Kher and herself she stated that this amendment will restrict them from completing their previous and recurring projects. 

Hema Malini

Shabana Azmi who’s always known to speak rightfully raises a valid point that if artists and technicians are not allowed above 65, does this rule apply same to politicians. “A small portion of Vikas Khanna’s untitled film has yet to be shot. What happens to these projects? Why should producers have to sign on younger artistes and make them sport grey hair? Why is this rule applied only to the film industry, and not politicians? Will they ensure that no leader above 65 will attend any political rally.” She further adds by saying, “”hey don’t run parallel businesses whereby they can make up their losses.”

Paresh Rawal too voiced his opinion and said that though it makes sense to have such regulations it still doesn’t make sense, “The sets should have the necessary safety measures in place, including sanitisation. So many doctors and nurses over 65 years of age are on the field every day. They are exposed to more severe conditions.” 

Hema Malini

Now looks like the debate might be on for some time, and lets hope that everyone without any discrimination of age is allowed to work, as the lockdown has put us away from our careers for a long period.