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Shah Rukh Khan had to dub for The Lion King twice because of his son

Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, is set to let his firstborn into the world of movies. Shah Rukh and his son Aryan Khan have done the voiceover for Mufasa and Simba in the Hindi version of The Lion King. This is the first time after Aryan has grown up that he has done anything related to films and that itself has made SRK’s fans go berserk. The makers dropped in the Hindi trailer of the film recently and soon after it released, a lot of reactions came in that said that Aryan’s voice has an uncanny similarity to SRK’s voice. During a recent interview, SRK revealed that he had to dub for the film twice as the people present during the dubbing too felt that his voice was too similar to Aryan’s voice. 

Talking about it, SRK said, “We were listening to one of the scenes and all the experts in the dubbing theatre said I sounded like him (Aryan). They told me I’d have to dub the scene again because we sounded too much like each other, which I never thought was the case.”


SRK and Aryan

He further added, “It was a sweet thing for a father to know, it was extremely special and heart-warming.”

He also spoke about the experience of working with Aryan, he said, “For me, the experience of dubbing with Aryan is very personal. I got time to spend with him professionally. I am a professional actor and I have to do this, but my family has never really been associated with the work I do. So, it’s very heartening. When we did ‘The Incredibles’, Aryan was around nine years old. It was very sweet to hear his voice then, and (it is sweet to hear) even now. The time spent with him in my line of work is special. For me, it’s a bonding time with Aryan.” Well, we can’t wait for Aryan to create a storm on the big screen, what about you?

SRK and Aryan