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Suniel Shetty enlightens us about health and fitness

Suniel Shetty has always been the fittest actor in Bollywood since the ’90s. His physique and his action-star image was the talk of the town back then, and watching him in that fit shape even now makes the tinsel town go gaga about him. Suniel Shetty has always spoken about fitness and today we dug into our archives where he tells us the right way to fitness and leads a healthy life. 

Suniel Shetty rightly states that somewhere our education about fitness is not right and thanks to the gym trainers who often lead the young minds the wrong way, “Every trainer that you see in a gym, try to sell supplements half the time. We all have to understand that everybody has their beauty and strength. We have to develop that strength. If I’m stronger than you today that’s because I have been training regularly. The day you will start training you will be as strong as I am. Some bodies take longer and some grow faster. So it’s the format of training that is important. You want to lose weight then do light weights. You want to gain weight then do heavier weights. It’s very simple.”

Suniel Shetty fitness

Suniel Shetty further adds that he has never believed in protein shakes, steroids and supplements. “I have believed in natural foods. And in India, there are so many pulses. Today Ayurveda… the world is realising that coconut oil is very good. Haldi bahut achchi hoti hai. Tulsi ka patta kamaal hota hai. Yeh sab to pehle se tha. Dada-dadi wahi use karte the. Hum shehar mein aa kar bhool gaye usko. Now West is serving us golden milk. Now coconut water is being used by everyone. We need to go back to our roots. That’s why I salute Baba Ramdev. People were selling chemicals. Baba Ramdev brought back jadi-booti. West hamara he Yoga humein export kar raha tha. Ab vo band ho gaya. Now see Yoga has become so popular.” 

 Well, the actor has rightly said that yoga is indeed the best for fitness and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, things like turmeric are not just spices but they are medicinal and have always been the best for our body. 

Suniel Shetty fitness