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Taapsee Pannu on her upcoming film Thappad

Taapsee Pannu had urged the need for a counter narrative to all the films churned out so far that glorified misogyny and passed it off as protectiveness, possessiveness and love. She said even if it meant doing a film that didn’t have the commercial viability of a film like Kabir Singh which was in the news for glorifying misogyny.

Reacting to it, Taapsee had said, “We are on a cusp of a change, I’m not going to give up now.” And going by the trailer of Taapsee’s upcoming Thappad it seems that the actress is delivering just that promise which she had made a couple of months ago.


The story of Thappad revolves around Amrita, a woman who gives up on her dreams to help her husband build his career. She is taken aback when he hits her at a house party. And on her objection, people around her justify the slap and ask her to let go, compromise and move on. Taapsee said, “Women are compassionate by nature and Amrita does give Vikram a chance to make it up to her. When he fails again, she knows it’s an endless loop.”

Taapsee also added that the title of her film is self-explanatory and it is on the woman who has been insulted and abused, to decide how much is enough.