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Watch Fox 5 Atlanta News Live from USA - A Trusted Source

Are you looking for a reliable source of English-language news and entertainment in Atlanta? Look no further than Fox 5 Atlanta. In this article, we will explore the exciting world of Fox 5 Atlanta, why you should watch it live, and how to access its live stream.

What is Fox 5 Atlanta?

Fox 5 Atlanta, or WAGA-TV, is a well-established English-language television station serving the Atlanta, Georgia, area. It's part of the Fox Broadcasting Company and offers a wide range of programming, including news, weather, sports, and entertainment.

Why Watch Fox 5 Atlanta Live?

Watching Fox 5 Atlanta live offers several benefits:

  • Real-Time News: Stay updated with the latest news and events as they happen.
  • Local Focus: Get in-depth coverage of Atlanta and its surrounding areas.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy a variety of shows and programs suitable for all ages.
  • Interactive: Engage with the content through live discussions and social media integration.

How to Access Fox 5 Atlanta Live Stream

Accessing Fox 5 Atlanta's live stream is simple and convenient. You can watch it on your TV if you have cable, or you can stream it online. Here's how:

  1. Cable TV: Tune in to channel 5 on your cable TV to watch Fox 5 Atlanta.
  2. Online Streaming: Visit the official Fox 5 Atlanta website or use a streaming service that carries the channel.

Fox 5 Atlanta News Updates

Fox 5 Atlanta is known for its comprehensive news coverage. You can rely on it for:

  • Breaking News: Get updates on the latest developments in and around Atlanta.
  • Investigative Reporting: In-depth stories that matter to the community.
  • Traffic and Weather Updates: Stay informed while on the go.

Popular Shows on Fox 5 Atlanta

Fox 5 Atlanta offers a range of popular shows, including:

  • Good Day Atlanta: A morning news and entertainment show.
  • The Simpsons: A beloved animated sitcom.
  • Empire: A drama series that captivates audiences.
  • MasterChef: A cooking competition that's a hit among food enthusiasts.

Local and National News Coverage

Fox 5 Atlanta doesn't just cover local news; it also provides national and international updates. This ensures you stay well-informed about the world beyond Atlanta.

Sports and Weather Updates

Sports fans can catch the latest scores and highlights on Fox 5 Atlanta. Additionally, the channel provides accurate weather forecasts to help you plan your day.

Interactive Features

Fox 5 Atlanta encourages viewer participation through live chat, social media, and call-ins during specific shows. This makes the viewing experience more engaging and interactive.

Fox 5 Atlanta Mobile App

For on-the-go updates and live streaming, Fox 5 Atlanta offers a mobile app. Download it on your smartphone or tablet to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

How to Stay Updated on Fox 5 Atlanta

To stay updated on the latest from Fox 5 Atlanta, follow their social media accounts and subscribe to their newsletters. This way, you won't miss any breaking news or special programs.


Fox 5 Atlanta is your go-to source for English-language news and entertainment in Atlanta. With live streaming options and a variety of engaging programs, it caters to a diverse audience. Don't miss out on staying informed and entertained by tuning in or streaming Fox 5 Atlanta.


  1. Can I watch Fox 5 Atlanta live online for free?

    • Fox 5 Atlanta offers online streaming, but access may require a cable subscription or a subscription to a streaming service.
  2. Is Fox 5 Atlanta only for local news, or does it cover national news too?

    • Fox 5 Atlanta provides comprehensive coverage of both local and national news.
  3. Are there apps available for watching Fox 5 Atlanta on mobile devices?

    • Yes, Fox 5 Atlanta offers a mobile app for convenient access on smartphones and tablets.
  4. What are the popular time slots for shows on Fox 5 Atlanta?

    • Shows like "Good Day Atlanta" and "The Simpsons" have prime-time slots, but the schedule may vary.
  5. How can I contact Fox 5 Atlanta for feedback or news tips?

    • You can usually find contact information on their official website for inquiries and news

In this digital age, Fox 5 Atlanta ensures you're always a part of the action. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay entertained with Fox 5 Atlanta's live broadcasts and online streaming.