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BET, or Black Entertainment Television, is an American cable and satellite television channel that primarily targets African American audiences. Here is some information about BET:

Founding and Launch:

BET was founded by Robert L. Johnson in 1980. The channel officially launched on January 25, 1980, making it one of the first television networks aimed at African American viewers.


BET originally started with a focus on music videos, particularly R&B, hip-hop, and soul genres. Over the years, the channel expanded its programming to include a wide range of content, including news, talk shows, comedy, dramas, and reality shows. BET has been known for its award shows, such as the BET Awards, which celebrate achievements in music, entertainment, and sports within the African American community.

Ownership and Changes:

Robert L. Johnson sold BET to Viacom in 2001. Viacom later merged with CBS Corporation, forming ViacomCBS. In 2017, ViacomCBS rebranded the channel as BET, simplifying its name and aligning it more closely with its established brand.

BET Networks:

In addition to the flagship BET channel, BET Networks has expanded to include other channels such as BET Her, BET Jams, BET Soul, and BET Gospel, catering to specific audiences and genres.

Online Presence:

BET has embraced digital platforms, offering online streaming services that allow viewers to watch BET content on various devices through BET's website and mobile apps.

Social Impact:

BET has played a significant role in showcasing African American culture and talent in the media, contributing to the representation of diverse voices in the entertainment industry. The channel has been a platform for addressing social issues, promoting Black excellence, and providing opportunities for emerging talent.

Notable Shows:

BET has produced and aired a variety of successful shows over the years, including "106 & Park," "The Game," "Being Mary Jane," and "The BET Awards."

BET continues to be a prominent and influential channel, contributing to the cultural landscape by showcasing diverse stories, talent, and perspectives within the African American community.